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VMWare Horizons Client Bandwidth Calculator

By   WirelessPhreak      Friday, March 13, 2020       

With the COVID-19 Pandemic upon us many IT workers are under the gun to insure they can support a quarantined work force. I put this Calculator together to offer some insight into what your network can support based on the bandwidth capacity of your ISP and Internal networking equipment. This is very network focused and does not take any compute into the calculation.

Here is a link to the calculator I created above: https://bit.ly/39R34am  I hope this makes it a little easier to reassure your management and help plan for capacity during these stressful times.

The formula I found was from the VMWare website. On their site they break down how they came up with the throughput requirements and the formula used to calculate users. Link to their website: https://bit.ly/38QKhea

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