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WirelessPheak Radio Terms & Privacy

By   WirelessPhreak      Saturday, September 26, 2020   



By using the Alexa Skill service you agree to these terms.

WirelessPhreak Radio will work to the best of our ability to ensure skill services remain available, however some aspects beyond our control (force majeure) may prevent us from doing so. In events of this we will work to restore service in a prompt manner. In addition there will be no monetization of this Skill or the content played within it. This skill was created to play tribute to the talented hackers, and musicians that make up our Defcon community.


WirelessPhreak Radio respects your privacy. We do not collect any personally identifiable data from any users enabling or opening any skill provided by us.

We receive an anonymized entry in their Analytics to show a listener using an Alexa enabled device connected to their station from a particular country, for a certain duration.