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Cisco Live 2022 is in full effect in Las Vegas, They say there are 16k attendees in person this year but inn the Mandalay Bay Conference center it seems pretty empty. Not that I am complaining... I wanted to post up some of the slide decks of talks that looked interesting.  I assume you can register online and see the same decks but I wanted to post them here so I can go back and have a place to see them later.

Cisco SD-WAN: Start Here - BRKENT-2108

Start your SD-WAN journey here, we will explain the platform architecture, the different components of the solution and how they interact with each other and secured the user to application traffic.


Architecting Next Generation Wireless Network with Catalyst Wi-Fi 6E Access Points - BRKEWN-2024
This session deep dives into the newly introduced Wi-Fi6E standard in 6GHz band.  

Designing MPLS based IP VPNs - BRKMPL-2102

This session describes the implementation of IP Virtual Private Networks (IP VPNs) using MPLS.

Cisco IT's Journey to SASE for remote work - BRKCOC-2032

This session will discuss how Cisco IT is using some of Cisco's latest cloud security solutions, alongside SDWAN as a Service from Cisco Plus, to supply high performance and reliable remote worker and branch connectivity.

Cisco SD-WAN - The Usual Suspects - BRKENT-2183
In Cisco SD-WAN, establishing your WAN Edge routers as a part of the overlay is essential to building and operating a successful network.


Enabling Cloud Services at the Edge with App Hosting on Catalyst 9000 - BRKENS-1090
Did you know that you can run applications natively on Catalyst 9000 series platforms to enable Cloud services?

How to Securely Build a Product - BRKARC-2021

INTERACTIVE SESSION Security threats are very real today. Product security must be designed in from the start, not added as an afterthought.

Simple Leaf/Spine with a touch of TOR - Network Designs for the Modern Data Center - BRKDCN-2229

There are times when your Leaf/Spine network runs out of ports (even as it never should). No worries, there are ways how to scale further and no, we don't talk about FEX :-) Let us guide you through a Leaf/Spine network and an additional TOR (Top of Rack) layer. 


7 Ways to Fail - on Wi-Fi 6(E) - BRKEWN-1742
It is all about how to do Wireless networks ‘wrong’ and if you understand why it’s wrong, it’s easier to do it right the next time.


High Density Wi-Fi Design, Deployment, and Optimization - BRKEWN-2087
This session will cover an array of detailed tips, tricks, and tools for configuring and optimizing High Density WiFi networks in today's most challenging environments, including valuable real-world insights on how the latest Cisco Catalyst Access Points, antennas, and Catalyst wireless controllers can be leveraged to deliver an optimized and reliable user experience.

Hierarchical SD-WAN Overview and Principles - BRKENT-2292

Hierarchical SD-WAN is a new foundational capability that underpins the journey to multi-cloud and SDCI. This major evolution of Cisco SD-WAN introduces new capabilities to support a truly scalable 2-level customer overlay, improve Cloud OnRamp for MultiCloud and expand Managed Service Providers solutions. 

Advanced Troubleshooting of cat8k,asr1k, ISR and SD-WAN Edge Made Easy - BRKTRS-3475

In this session, we will explain the architecture of the Catalyst 8000, ASR1000 / ISR / CSR / XE SD-WAN Edge series and demonstrate forensic techniques for control plane and data plane. We will also see how common but complex feature such as SD-WAN Edge, crypto (IPsec), Zone Based Firewall and NAT can be troubleshot easily in practice.