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**Update 8/8/2020**
I have been spending some time in the #lobby-bar channel on the Defcon Discord. We have been reminiscing of Defcons' past and one of the attendees posted up a couple Docs from the AP they had worked on. I wanted to post them because they pretty much sum up a lot of peoples Defcon experience at the AP.
**Update 8/8/2020**
Dark Tangent just posted in the info-booth Discord channel a link to the Defcon info page.  Really nice easy to use interface and search functionality:
**Update 8/7/2020**
Wall of Sheep aka Packet Hacking Village talk schedule is online.
Where to watch:

**Update 8/6/2020** 
DCTV just posted their twitch channel.  
**Update 8/6/2020 13:21**
 "The following Twitch Streams are available depending on the schedule for each specific track or village. The schedule can be found at https://info.defcon.org/.

I have found if you follow the channels within twitch you can see what channels are live or not.

**Update 8/6/2020 10:00**
I have found a method to engage in Defcon that works well with me. 
  1. Identify the talks I want to watch
  2. Create a youtube playlist listing the talks in order of the live Q&A's (then watch them)
  3. Created calendar events of the live Q&A with the speaker on the Defcon Twitch channel (https://www.twitch.tv/defconorg)
  4. between live Q&A I want to watch I stream the Defcon Entertainment channel on twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/defcon_music)
  5. Hang out on the Defcon Discord server in #linecon, #dcg, #pool-1, and the #pool-3 channels we will see which ones i spend the most time in. Currently linecon is holding most of my attention.
We will see when the Villages open up tomorrow how much time I will hang in there.

Defcon 28 Safe Mode is a culture shock, and for me the move to online does not feel as natural as I though it would. I am fighting 18 years of routine and habit that I need to kick. That being said I wanted to create a page where I could keep track of whats going on and where it happening,  I imagine there will be a lot of spin off twitch channels and discord channels I will try to keep it up.

Defcon Talks:
The schedule was released https://defcon.org/html/defcon-safemode/dc-safemode-schedule.html One interesting point about the lineup it looks like all the talks will be sequential so you can see every talk if you want.

Defcon Forums:
This is the major jumping off point for everything going down at Defcon 28. Explore the forums that interest you and get involved. Some of the villages have already set up active discord channels and the will list them in their forum channel.

Defcon Entertainment:
Here is a link to some of the live entertainment that will be going down. Defcon has posted the schedule of the live sets and published the twitch channel that will be streaming the performances.

Defcon Swag Shop:

Discord Servers:
Defcon 28 Main Server: https://discord.gg/defcon
Blue Team Village: https://discord.gg/nqMrrJ
Wireless Village: https://discord.gg/pfu9mu
Ham Radio Village: https://discord.gg/Dv38mc
Biohacking Village: https://discord.gg/G3TyUp

Defcon Reddit Post
Below is an extensive list that was posted by Defcon on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/Defcon/comments/hzafso/lots_of_links_defcon_and_village_info_pages/)I wanted to capture it here to share with everyone.

Please also consider "The One!", a unofficial consolidated schedule of all the Villages, Talks, Contests, and various Events occurring during DEFCON 28. One page, one look, all things happening!

Lots of things are still missing, As various schedules get released and processed they will appear. Keep coming back to get the latest.

DEFCON home page
DEFCON 28 Schedule and Speakers pages
DEFCON 28 Demolabs Schedule
DEFCON 28 Entertainment
DEFCON 28 Villages

Village info derived from the following pages
DEF CON 28 Villages page
DEF CON 28 Villages Forum page

Village Name & Web PageForum LinkDC Village DescDiscord ChanSoc Media Links
AI VillageForumAIV Desc#aiv-general-textTW @AIvillage_DC
AeroSpace VillageHack-A-SatForumAEV Desc#av-lounge-bar-textTW @SecureAerospace TW @Hack-A-Sat
AppSec VillageForumASV Desc#asv-general-textTW @AppSec_Village YT AppSec Village
BioHacking VillageForumBHV Desc#bhv-general-textTW @DC_BHV YT Biohacking Village TI biohackingvillage
BlockChain VillageForumBCV Desc#bcv-general-textTW @BCOSvillage
Blue Team VillageForumBTV Desc#btv-general-textTW @BlueTeamVillage TI BlueTeamVillage
Car Hacking VillageForumCHV Desc#chv-welcome-textTW @CarHackVillage
Career Hacking VillageForumCRV Desc#cahv-general-textTW @HackingCareer
Cloud VillageForumCSV Desc#cloudv-general-textTW @cloudvillage_dc
Crypto and Privacy VillageForumCPV Desc#cpv-general-textTW @CryptoVillage TI cryptovillage SL cryptovillage YT Crypto and Privacy Village
Data Duplication VillageForumDDV Desc#ddv-general-textTW @DDV_DC
Ethics VillageForumETV Desc#ev-general-textTW @EthicsVillage
Hack The SeaForumHSV Desc#htsv-general-textTW @hack_the_sea
Ham ExamsForumHRV Desc#ham-general-text@DC_Ham_Exams
Ham Radio VillageForumHRV Desc#ham-general-textTW @HamRadioVillage TI hamradiovillage
Hardware Hacking VillageSolder Skills VillageForumHHV Desc#hhv-infobooth-textTW @DC_HHV
ICS VillageForumICS Desc#ics-general-textTW @ICS_Village YT ICS Village TI ics_village
IoT VillageForumIOT Desc#iotv-general-textTW @IOTvillage TW @ISEsecurity TW @Villageidiotlab TI iotvillage
Lock Bypass VillageForumLBV Desc#lbpv-social-textTW @bypassvillage
Lockpick VillageForumLPV Desc#lpv-general-textTW @toool TI toool_us
Monero VillageForumMOV Desc#mv-general-textTW @MoneroVillage TI MoneroVillage YT Monero CommunityWorkgroup
Password VillageForumPWDV Desc#pwdv-general-textundefined
Payment VillageForumPAYV Desc#pay-labs-textTW @paymentvillage YT Payment Village TI paymentvillage
Packet Hacking VillageForumPHV Desc#phv-infobooth-textTW @WallOfSheep FB @WallOfSheep
Recon VillageForumRCV Desc#rv-general-textTW @ReConVillage FB @ReConVillage
Red Team VillageForumRTV Desc#rtv-briefings-textTW @VillageRedTeam YT Red Team Village TI redteamvillage DC Red Team Village
Rogues VillageForumRGV Desc#rov-announcements-textTW @RoguesVillage TI RoguesVillage
Social Engineering VillageForumSEV Desc#sev-general-textTW @HumanHacker FB SocialEngineerInc
Voting Machine VillageForumVMV Desc#vmhv-general-textTW @VotingVillageDC
Wireless VillageForumWLV Desc#wv-general-textTW @WiFi_Village DC Wireless Village
Other Interesting Links
Defcon MUD a Multi User Dungeon. An old school game style that uses telnet to connect to a remote server. Check it out https://mud.mog.ninja/

Other cons during #SummerHackerCamp

BlackhatT @BlackHatEventsFB Black Hat Events
BSides Las VegasT @BSidesLV
r00tz AsylumT @r00tzasylum
QueerconT @QueerconFB @queercon
The Diana InitiativeT @DianainitiativeFB @dianainitiative


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