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Since the F5 app for spunk has been abandoned I have been playing around with a simple F5 Splunk dashboard. This dashboard can be a quick one-stop health view for any application being load balanced by the F5.

Prerequisites are:
  • Your F5 LTM and or ASM are logging HSL (high-speed logging) to Splunk. (ASM is not a requirement)
  • Configure an HSL pool that includes the Splunk logging servers.
  • Configure the newest iRule on your F5 for logging to Splunk.
  • Associate the new logging iRule with virtual servers you want to monitor. 
  • Lastly set up an ASM logging profile to sending to Splunk. 

You can reference the documentation below to configure your F5 to log to Splunk.

Once that is complete you can create a new dashboard in Splunk. Then copy and paste the dashboard source code I have uploaded on my GitHub repository. Once you save the dashboard you should be able to type in the URL of the application you want to monitor, the corresponding F5 pool name and the time frame you are interested in.

GitHub link:

If you have improvements or comments please let me know. This is a work in progress and I am always looking to make it better.