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Experience the Magic is a tag line for the Imaginefun.net website and Minecraft server. To level set for all you folks out there like me that have heard of Minecraft but never played, Minecraft is often described as a ‘sandbox game’. This means that it’s a virtual land where users can create their worlds and experiences, using building blocks, resources discovered on the site, and their creativity, but that simple definition does not do justice for what the folks at ImagineFun have built. Masekegamer and SinxMC started the Minecraft Disneyland simulation in early 2018 and since then their team has grown to over 60 Imagineers, Developers, Builders, Managers, Park Coordinators, Cast Members, and even Tour Guides.

 My first time logging in I was super overwhelmed and amazed all at the same time. Some of the controls were not intuitive for a Minecraft noob like myself, but I will try to cover that later. The graphics and the scale are second to none. The detail of every part of the park is meticulous even down to how many times a ride cue wraps. Just walking around Disneyland was jaw-dropping, but finding out there are actual functioning rides, that was a game-changing moment. Enough talk let's discuss how to connect to the servers so you can check it out for yourself.

So first off you want to check out the site https://imaginefun.net/. Once on the site navigate to the connect link at the top of the page. They did an excellent job producing a how-to video on setting up and connecting to their Minecraft server https://imaginefun.net/connect. It was straightforward even as a Minecraft noob, but once connected that is where it got a little dicey for me. I was using a mac, but for any PC or Mac using the java Minecraft client is pretty much the same. 

Pro Tips:

  • Make sure from the Minecraft launcher you install Minecraft 12.2.2 this will give you the least buggy and smoothest experience. 
  • Join their Discord server, ImagineFun is not just a game but has become a community. They have over 21,000 members on their Discord server.  To be honest this is where I got most of my information about how to enjoy the game. The people are super nice and helpful. https://discord.gg/disneyland
  • Once you start feeling comfortable in the game check out the Support section on the discord server and start playing around with the mods and shaders to make Disneyland look even more real. 
  • You will want to sync the Monecraft account you play with to the discord account you are using. You can do this by typing /syncdiscord and following the direction on the screen.
  • Different membership levels will allow you different perks.

Commands to Start Out:

  1. / or backslash.  This command will get you into chat from chat you can invoke other commands that you will need to know. 
  2. /rp This downloads and enables the resource pack so you can see all the custom work the ImaginFun team has done to create the world.
  3. /audio from within chat, you can type the word audio this will post a link in chat that you can click on. when you click on it a window will pop up in Minecraft to launch a browser or copy the link. Either one you choose will take you to a webpage that will serve park audio specific to your gameplay. It provides the audio on rides, and the ambient music for the different lands you walk through. The audio adds an immersive aspect to the Disneyland experience.
  4. /warp This command will allow you to jump to a different land, rides, and shops throughout the park. As an example, you can type /warp fantasyland.
  5. /rides Will present you a list of open rides you can warp to. Yes, the rides go down for maintenance just like the real Disneyland.
  6. /shops This will present a list of shops you can warp to.
  7. /server This will list the active servers that are up and running. If you are trying to catch up with a friend or want to be on a less crowded server this is where you can choose what sever you want to play on. Just as an FYI when you go to a new server you will need to reconnect to a new audio session using the /audio command.
  8. /msg [player] or /pm [player] Allows you to send a message in-game to another player.
  9. /tpa [player] Allows you to teleport to another player on the same server.
  10. /trade [player]  Allows you o trade items with another player.
  11. /ignore Ignore a player obviously.
  12. /vote This allows you to vote on multiple Minecraft ranking severs and you get coins.
  13. /cointrade This command will allow you to convert your currency into different types.
  14. /sb This command was a godsend I hated the floating server status window on the right site. This command toggles that on and off.

Play Mechanics:

So this was probably one of the simplest but most frustrating things to figure out, how to get on a dang ride. To get on a ride you will need to walk up to the loading platform. On most of the platforms, they will have a timer telling you how long it will take for the ride car to spawn/show up. Once the car shows up you walk up to where you want to sit and right-click the mouse. This will get you on the ride and start the ride audio. 

If you want to get off the ride you can select the left shift button that will drop you off the ride and allow you to warp somewhere else. 

There is so much more you can do on this server, I don't want to spoil all the fun. I suggest you join the Discord server to learn more about the ever-evolving game and community. Get your Disneyland fix, save a lot of cash, and tell Covid to kick rocks.

Have fun on the Happiest Minecraft server on the Planet.