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For everyone who has worked on a Cisco ACE you have experienced the pains of troubleshooting, especially in a long complicated config. Often you are reverse engineering from the policy-map multi-match to the r servers and probes to find all the pieces that make up the service.  We have asked people within Cisco is there a command that will show everything related to a policy-map multi-match class and the answer has always been no, until recently.  A colleague of mine was working with a Cisco TAC engineer via a webex and came across a most useful undocumented command.  Here is what the TAC engineer entered:

 show run filter policy-map multi-match class name 

ex. show run filter L4_SLB_CLASS

This returned most of the associated parts of the service i.e. class-map, load-balance, server-farm, real server etc. Sounds like a dream right? Here is the kicker, I am not sure what platforms are supported.  I know it worked on a 4710 appliance running A3 code, but I have attempted it on an ACE 20 module running A2 code and it didn't work.  So if anyone has any info about this command send me an email and if I find any more documentation I will link it to this post.