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I have had the iPhone a week now and I am still amazed by the LTE speeds.  When you have full signal, this phone is blazing fast. I am a network geek and I work with a bunch network guys and our jaws hit the floor when I ran my first speedtest.

To be far we did not test it against a Verizon LTE phone, but we did test them against AT&T 4G HSPA+ and it crushed their 2Mbps down and 800k up. So far this is the best iPhone I have owned.

Final note on battery life. I have had it a week and I have noticed that compared to my iPhone 4 the battery does not last quit as long. At least that's my perception. When the phone gets low 8 or 9 percent the iPhone 4 would live on for hours.  The iPhone 5 doesn't quit have the same will for life and just keeps chugging away on that battery. To be far though I am running LTE, location, wifi, and I sill get a full day+ out of it. Really it barley noticeable to me but i did notice it.
Living where I do I have two choices, AT&T which is cool if I wasn't 3+ miles from their central office, and Comcast. So when I saw that Kansas City residents where pre registering for fiber I was a bit jealous. Gig up and down,  fiber to their homes for 70 dollars a month, or TV and Internet for $120 dollars, sign me up.  Plus I doubt they will steadily see their bills increase like Comcast tends to do.  Oh ya and no data cap....  Hopefully this is the direction we are moving playing catchup with allot of the world.  I want to see our country succeed and lead the world by example not ruin what we helped create, by censoring the internet and letting companies like Comcast do what they do.

Here is a link to Google's fiber page so you can read all about it for your self.