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If your familiar with F5 you understand the need for a quick and dirty virtual lab on your lap top.  From testing code upgrades to writing and testing iRules you'll quickly learn how important a lab is.

To get started your going to need a few pieces that will make up your virtual lab.  Most of the following will work on a Mac or PC, but I am running a mac, so i apologize in advance if some of the configuration is different.

Software needed:

  • F5 LTM Software: virtual lab edition is $99 you can also ask your F5 sales team for a trial lisc.
  • Hypervisor: I am using VMWare Fusion
  • Virtual Router: Vyatta (Brocade bought them but you can still find the open project iso.)
  • Servers: Use what you feel comfortable with.
Step 1) Install Virtual Software (VMWare)

Step 2) Go to Preferences > Network and create several virtual machine networks.  These vm networks will work like VLANs  and you will assign virtual nics for devices that will operate in those networks.

Step 3) Install and configure your F5 Virtual Lab software.  You will want  to configure at least three network connections, one for management, server side and client side. Make sure you make the gateway IP the IP address you will assign the interface on the Vyatta router.

Step 4) Install and configure your Vyatta virtual router.  This will allow your PC to communicate with all of the networks as well as bridge the server network to the internet for updates and package installs.  Here is a great guide I found for vyatta commands.

Step 5)  Install and configure your servers configuring their nice to participate in the server VLAN.

Step 6) Build a Virtual server on the F5 using an IP address on the client network, and your pool member that exists in the server network.

You should be up and running and able to play with the F5.