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Movie Theater Popcorn at Home

By   WirelessPhreak      Sunday, February 03, 2013      Labels:  
What will you need:
  • 2 tbls of Coconut Oil
  • 1/3 cup of pop corn kernels
  • 1 tsp of powdered or finely ground salt
  • Clarified butter to taste

How to make it:
  • Use a pot over Med-High 
  • Add oil and allow to heat up
  • Add salt & pop corn shake vigorously over the stove until all the kernels have popped.
  • Add popcorn and clarified butter to the bowl toss and serve

All of us can agree that from a microwave, or an air popper, popcorn at home does not taste like the movies.  So I started looking online on how to replicate that movie theater popcorn taste and I came across a couple tricks.

Popcorn popped in a microwave is a great quick snack, but the secret to movie theater taste takes a little bit more time, and is probably not quit as healthy.  Movie theater popcorn is popped in a highly saturated fat, most often coconut oil.  That is the oil I tested with and it really did taste like the real thing.

Next you will need to pop it on a stove.  This can be accomplished using a normal pot over medium high heat moving it back and forth similar to how we all cooked the old Jiffy Pop containers.  There are also stove top pop corn poppers that have a crank that turns a little blade at the bottom of the pot, I will post a link to one of these.  But i used the jiffy Pop method and it worked so well I didn't have one un-popped kernel.

Next is the salt, this is kinda important.  it is really easy to over salt popcorn and it's normally due to the use of granular salt.  A little secret that can give you better coverage using less salt is to gind it almost to a powder and put it in the oil with the popcorn.  This will evenly distribute the salt during the popping process.

Lastly, and arguably most people's favorite, is the butter.  Most movie theaters use clarified butter, it is a pure form of butter fat that does not have the liquids or solids found in normal butter.  You can find clarified butter online or in certain stores, but I made my own.  You can do this by melting butter in the microwave, do not let it boil, then let it sit, do not stir it and it will eventually separate. The clear contents that rises to the top is the clarified butter,  you can even put it in the fridge to let it solidify and make it easier to collect the contents.

Once you have your popcorn popped your clarified butter warmed up add it all to a bowl toss it a couple times and you will have a 7 dollar bowl of popcorn you made for less at home.

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