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Trench Run New Years

By   WirelessPhreak      Tuesday, December 25, 2012      Labels:  

While surfing the ForcCast.net blog I ran across this New Years Eve Idea.

Celebrate a New Hope Trench Run New Years by watching the Death Star blow up at midnight. Plus there is no Ryan Secrest, Bonus!

Viewing instructions -- see below for DVD and Blu-ray times

1. Cue up your copy of A New Hope. Start the movie and hit pause immediately. Make sure the counter reads 0:00:00. When you reach the designated time (as determined below), hit the play button. 

2. Watch the movie!

3. If you timed it right, and your media player didn't have any hiccups, the Death Star should explode at midnight exactly. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

4. Celebrate with friends, family, and beverages of your choice.

Start Times
  • Special Edition DVD: Press play at 10:02:48 PM. The Death Star will explode at 1:57:12 in the movie.
  • Blu-ray Disc: Press play at 10:02:42 PM. The Death Star will explode at 1:57:18 in the movie.
  • Theatrical Release: on the Bonus DVD of the special Edition DVD set press play at 10:05:45 PM. The Death Star will explode at 1:54:15 in the movie.
This was Originally posted on the ForceCast.net Blog 
Here is the Link to the Original Post

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