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Complete Facebook Outage Speculation

By   WirelessPhreak      Monday, October 04, 2021      Labels: , ,  


The following is complete speculation but wanted to at least start a discussion around what could have happened at Facebook today.

 I don't think it was an honest mistake that caused the Facebook outage. With DNS reported down  BGP routing issues and reports that even internal networks are affected, this looks bigger than a single mistake. Facebook most certainly has complicated network segmentation and redundancy in place for there internal and external networks.

Also, the timing is very suspect since it is the day after the Facebook Whistleblower interview on 60 Minutes.

If this isn't the work of a disgruntled employee, it is some sophisticated shit, and they have been living rent-free in the Facebook network for a long time. They got all the bytes they need and decided to blow that shit up after the interview.

I hope Facebook shares the details of the outage. If it was indeed an internal error that caused the outage it may be an eye opener for other large platforms to learn from the mistake.  If it was nefarious activities that caused this, it could be an epic learning opportunity for the Cyber security world.

Either way please share the outcome Facebook....

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