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Disneyland Guest Wifi

By   WirelessPhreak      Friday, April 28, 2017      Labels: , ,  

Just got back from Disneyland and with rumors of guest Wifi in the park I thought I would do a little war walking. I didn't bring a sophisticated set up, just an android phone running Wigle connected to an external battery.  Also I didn't make a point to map the entire park so this is just a sample of the first half of the first day.

As of 4/25/2017 it does not appear that Disney has rolled out park wide guest access, but the infrastructure is impressive. Again this is a very small data sample, but perhaps the 161 networks that where not broadcasting an SSID could be the pre deployed guest network. Also it looked to  be a Cisco wireless deployment based on the mac addresses of the radios.

Guest network or not Disneyland has an impressive wireless infrastructure, and providing guest wifi for a property as large and as densely populated as Disneyland will be an impressive feat of engineering.

Lastly Disney if you see this post I have a suggestion for the guest network SSID. 
"Be Our Guest"

SSID                                 # of APs        Icon
WLAN-TWDC                 198              
no  SSID                           161               
ShowNET-TWDC            33                
Disney Guest                    13                
Internet-TWDC                10                
Disneyland_Resort           6                  

The captive portal for Internet-TWDC

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