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F5 iRule Redirect Old IE Browsers

By   WirelessPhreak      Friday, July 03, 2015      Labels: , ,  
With HTML5 and other modern web technologies IE has not aged gracefully. If your client base is an enterprise many times clients are locked into an older version of IE, and aren't allowed to install an auto-updating browser like Chrome or Firefox.

This iRule is strait forward, I am redirecting clients accessing a website using an older versions of IE to a browser friendly version. This is done by evaluating the HTTP request and identifying the browsers user-agent string. As part of the redirect the F5 presents a web page that informs the users their browser is unsupported instead of blindly redirecting them. It will auto redirect after a pre determined count down, this example is set for 15 seconds.

Disclaimer Microsoft does not make this easy, Compatibility modes and Document modes in IE can send a different user-agent string.  For example IE 11 users running in Compatibility mode may still be redirected because their browser sends an MSIE 7.0 user-agent string. I am sure your could right variables that would check for compatibility in the user agent string, but iI chose not to.

Here is the iRule:

when RULE_INIT {
    set static::refresh_time 15
set static::notification_page {
        <html lang=\"en_US\">
<head><title>System Notification</title>
<meta http-equiv=\"Content-Type\" content=\"text/html; charset=us-ascii\">
<meta http-equiv=\"CACHE-CONTROL\" content=\"NO-CACHE\">
<meta http-equiv=\"PRAGMA\" content=\"NO-CACHE\">
<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"15;URL=http://myspace.com">
<h1>System Notification</h1>
<p>You are using an unsupported browser and will be redirected to Myspace.com</p>
<p>Wait $static::refresh_time seconds to continue, or click <a href=\"http://myspace.com\">here to continue.</a></p>
 switch -glob [ string tolower [HTTP::header User-Agent]] {
   "*msie 10.0*" -
   "*msie 9.0*" -
   "*msie 8.0*" -
   "*msie 7.0*" -
   "*msie 6.*" {
     HTTP::respond 200 content [subst $static::notification_page] Mime-Type "text/html"
     log local0. "Client  IP:[IP::client_addr]  has been redirected with user agent :[HTTP::header User-Agent]"
   default {
     # go to a default location if nothing matches

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