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191 must see 10 hour YouTube Videos

By   WirelessPhreak      Monday, May 25, 2015       
You Tube has revolutionized the web, and lucky for us part of that revolution has included the 10 hour YouTube video.  I wanted to pick a couple favorites and luckily was able to narrow the list to just 191 videos.

I understand that not everyone has 239 days (don't worry those are 8 hr work days) to review these videos so I have decided to list my picks from best to worst.

1. Cantina Band - That's right Star Wars is hot right now and how can anyone not want to watch this video. I watched this video at work and some IT guy came by my desk and was like, " what the heck are you doing streaming all this video" when I showed him it was the Star Wars cantina band he was like " cool send me the link".  So I did... https://youtu.be/FWO5Ai_a80M

2. Meow Mix - This video is a classic I mean it's a night club scene there are sick beats and cats, it is the perfect storm Internet video. The drop at 3:11:26 is dope well worth the wait. http://youtu.be/SbyZDq76T74

3. Nyan Cat - It's the internet so I needed to add another cat video so here it is.  This video needs no explanation, come on it's crapping a rainbow. http://youtu.be/wZZ7oFKsKzY

4. Bees In The Trap - Samuel Jackson hits it out of the park with this one. It's kind of like listening to really good jazz, it's just smooth and mellow. Nice to see Samuel took another look at his acting career and made the move to music. He nailed this one. http://youtu.be/dh_7k2O5i7E

Here is a link to the remaining 187 videos http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE28CAB65DFFB5870

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