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Cisco IP Sec Client and Windows 8.1

By   WirelessPhreak      Tuesday, December 31, 2013      Labels: , ,  

Another version of Windows and another hurdle for those os us using Cisco IPSec VPN clients.  Here are the steps I took to install IPSec in Windows 8.1 64bit OS, and so far it seems to be working.

  1. Uninstall completely existing VPN client SW
  2. Download and run this tool for 32-bit system:ftp://files.citrix.com/dneupdate.msi or this one for 64-bit system:ftp://files.citrix.com/dneupdate64.msi
  3. If you run into issues installing DNE software download and run this tool: ftp://files.citrix.com/winfix.exe and perform step 2 again
  4. If needed restart system
  5. Install Cisco VPN client SW again I used version
  6. Import or configure VPN profile and run software.
It should be working now...

Here is a little bit about what the Citrix DNE software is;(http://www.citrix.com/go/lp/dne.html)
Citrix supplies software to a number of software and hardware companies. When they install their products on your systems, they will often contain DNE. DNE extends operating systems and network protocol devices and stacks to introduce measurement and controls. Our customers use these extensions to build products that do things like intrusion detection, VPNs, Network Address Translation (NAT), traffic measurement, response time measurement, bandwidth control, compression, content filtering, content protection, policy management, proxies, billing, packet marking, routing, protocol translation, wireless communication, secure tunnels and much more.

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