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By   WirelessPhreak      Sunday, June 25, 2017      Labels:  

Stacking Papers... The first time holding three active fast passes at the same time. Disney has activated half of their new fast pass system. You still have to go to the fast pass distribution machines and they still print out a paper fast pass, but on the back end the fast passes links to your ticket or annual pass. So now when you go up to the fast pass ride entrances you scan your ticket or annual pass using the new readers and not the paper fast passes. Next phase will no doubt be selecting your fast pass through the Disneyland app. @disneyland can I suggest an enhancement of the apple IOS app? Maybe add an Apple Watch component to the app that would allow us to use the watch to present our ticket or annual pass and use it for fast pass scanning. Please! @disgeekpodcast @skywalkingpod #disneylife #disneyland via Instagram

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