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F5 Geo IP blocking iRule

By   WirelessPhreak      Sunday, March 23, 2014      Labels: ,  

Update coming soon a more advanced irule that accounts for rfc1918 ip space as well as data groups that allow multiple geoip country codes.

This iRule will allow you to block requests to your website from IP address that are not from the US. GeoIP blocking is flexible and a way of white listing traffic to your servers.  It does have it's limitations though.

GeoIP Databases change all the time.  To keep the F5   GeoIP database up to date wouldn't be practical.

Some may consider this a security measure. But to limit IP traffic from a limited geographic area is not an affective security measure. Real bad guys will proxy or use un willing victims to carry out their attacks.

if {not ([whereis [IP::client_addr] country] eq "US")}{

The following is a list of Country Codes you can test with.

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